Booma Boer Goat Stud

At Booma Boer Goats we are strive to breed animals with specific traits ideal for meat production. We have rigorous selection criteria of only the best genetics available to enable us to do that.

As well as Boer Goats we have Savannah & Red Boer Goats

Booma Bucks

Introducing Booma bucks to established goat enterprises to cross breed with existing females (Rangeland goats etc) gives more even offspring with more desirable qualities for slaughter. Then retaining the female offspring will allow the grower to continually upgrade the quality of animal by reinforcing genetic traits.

Booma Does

Booma does are ideal for enterprises just starting out, giving a sound herd of full blood does to produce the highest quality offspring. Booma can supply does to established farms to upgrade existing herds.

Currently we have a large number of young does and bucks for sale.