Welcome to Booma Boers, the home of Premium Goat Meat.

Whats on offer:

Fresh Goat Meat

We have a great range of fresh goat meat, available in all the popular cuts.  We also have tasty sausages & rissoles available in a range of styles.

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Wholesale Goat Meat

We supply the finest cuts to butchers accross Australia.

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Premium Ready Meals

We have a great range of lean & tasty pre-prepared meals.

  • Kakadu Plum & Chilli Jam Sauce
  • Moroccan Glaze
  • Smokey Bbq Ribs
  • Tomato & Herb Ragout
  • Goat Pie Mix
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Booma Boer Goat Stud

Booma Boer Goat Stud is the regions largest breeder of Booma Boer Goats.

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Where can I get it?

Booma Boers Goat meat is available at selected Woolworths stores amd throughout Australia, through our network of Wholesalers, Butchers & Restaurants.  Call us direct on 02 6651 407 or find your local wholesaler here.


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Who is Booma Boers?

Booma Boer Goat Stud is situated in the pristine location of Dorrigo, NSW.

We are one of the regions largest producers of Boer Goats, a breed known for its superior taste & quality of meat.

We offer a huge range of goat meat products for wholesale to butchers, restaurants and supermarkets.

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Why Choose Goat Meat?

Booma Goat meat is an ideal choice for the health conscious consumer, its a tasty, lean meat with a full rounded flavor.

Goat meat, is the lowest in calories, cholesterol & fat compared with beef, chicken, pork & lamb.

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